Mother of Pearl

MadreperlaThe term “Mother of Pearl” (or Nacre)  refers to the innermost layer, strongly iridescent shell of some molluscs and gastropods. The most widely used is the mother of pearl mollusks perliferi, thus  the major producers are  pearl growers . They are bivalve shells and the  scientific name is "pinctada maxima" or "pinctada margheritifera". The first , white and very large, are grown in Australia, while  the second come from the  Indus Pacific and is a very pearly  grayish  green  color with a blue or violet cast and margins go from brown to black.

The common dimensions are of 20 cm. Nacre has been uses since ancient times for ornaments, buttons, combs, jewelry, and inlay work. From the processing of nacre we can create: strands of necklaces, various shapes, flowers, animals, statues, and all that could be required by the customer, including restoration of furniture, ornaments and religious objects.