lavoroLuigi Andolfo was born in the province of Naples in 1970.

He started working  in 1993, learning the technique of engraving under the guidance of the best teachers of Torre del Greek. He increased his training by attending engraving courses of various types of materials including coral, shell cameo in processing, turquoise, ivory, lava stone, horn, amber and mother of pearl. Today he specializes in both ancient and modern processing techniques.

His works are characterized by innovation and quality, operating commercially in the domestic and international field. The continuous search for improvement in technology and originality of the subjects offered makes his works real masterpieces, thanks to the adaptation of the material engraved and to its natural shape. His motivation towards a gradual improvement is also due to his participation in major conferences and national and international events among which we mention VicenzaOro, Macef (Milan) and Basel.


The careful execution, originality of design and quality of materials selected, guarantee the quality and uniqueness of the Andolfo creations, born to last in time. Coral, amber, turquoise and mother of pearl, finely engraved and matched to each other by precise handcraft work come together in elegant creations.

Today, thanks to the interpretation of trends in taste and fashion, the Andolfo laboratory boasts a particularly rich catalog of objects that meet the shapes and the poetry of nature.